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Professional laser tattoo removal available at our Roanoke VA location

Laser tattoo removal at our Roanoke, VA Ancient Art Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio.

Roanoke VA Tattoo and Tattoo Removal at Ancient Art Tattoo Roanoke VA
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Tattoo and Tattoo Removal
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Ancient Art Tattoo
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   The use of lasers in the removal of Tattoos has been around for 20 Laser tattoo removal chairsome years, but only within the last ten or twelve years have Medlite Q-Switch Laser technologies been available. As with any techno break-through, the initial cost of equipment made this laser impractically expensive. Now, TEN years later, the Q-switch Laser is an economical and successful tool.

The Q-Switch Laser Light, being of the infra-red spectrum (in the case of Tattoo Removal) attacks the tattoo through the skin and breaks the pigment down into tiny molecular particles. These dust like remains are then vacuumed up by the human body’s lymphatic system, and are filtered out as waste.

Due to this unique delivery of light, the skin is spared from “SCARING”, unlike the old “Ruby Laser” methods of yesteryear.

Laser tattoo removal q-switch laser removal system

Tattoo Removal is done By Appointment ONLY!

Tues 1pm
Wed 1pm
Thur 1pm

First sessions
(based on 20 minutes)    $250.00

All additional treatments $200.00

There is a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $50 required for initial treatment

Depending on the Tattoo being removed,
it may take up to 8 sessions over a period of 18 months for total removal.

All tattoo removal is performed by our experienced laser tattoo removal expert,
Danny Fowler

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